We are CareTech

And we develop solutions to optimize functional ability.

Your functional ability is determined by your personal intrinsic capacity and how you interact with the environment around you. It defines your ability to participate in live. Disease, trauma and aging can have a negative impact on your capacity and therefore your functional ability. We form a network of experts developing solutions that improve capacity where possible and adapt the environment where necessary to optimize functional ability.

CareTech is a Public-Private Partnership

We form a network of experts from academia, industry and healthcare, with extensive track records in long term care, rehabilitation, digital biomarker development, sensor technology, robotics, e-health, serious gaming, data science, life-style coaching and design.
For over a decade we have been joining forces to develop solutions for precision diagnostics, prognostics, personalized treatment plans, remote monitoring and smart interventions.
Are you looking for partners to develop solutions that provide patients and healthcare professionals with continuous insight into patient wellbeing and solutions that can provide personalized feedback, training and support?
Join us into the transition from symptom-oriented treatment to an integrated continuum of care.

We are now open to new collaborations. Contact us!

At home if possible, in a healthcare facility if necessary.
For people with chronic conditions knowledge of the effect of behavior on personal disease burden is needed to provide individually targeted interventions. Should a patient train, change behavior/ lifestyle/ environment, learn to handle their disability or be supported by assistive devices? Continuous sensing and monitoring tools, together with traditional health parameters, can evaluate capacity and functional ability over time, determine (mal-)adaptive behavior and allow for targeted feedback.

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