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Please visit the webpages of SPRINT and NeuroControl to see an overview of past and present projects.


The multidisciplinary ArmCoach4Stroke project is a cooperation between Erasmus MC, University of Twente, TU Delft, Amsterdam UMC, and private partners. The project aims to develop and evaluate a new and interactive therapy aid based on movement sensors to stimulate and optimize the daily useĀ andĀ exercise of the affected arm in the home environment by objective, personalized feedback to the patient and his/her therapist. The ArmCoach4Stroke will be developed in co-creation with (end)users.
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Frequent falling is one of the most common medical complications after stroke. In this project, we will develop the HEROES system, a novel exergaming system for home use that allows people with stroke to increase their resistance to balance perturbations. The ultimate goals are to prevent falls and fall-related injuries, save fall-related health-care utilization and societal costs, and help people with stroke maintaining independence in daily life.
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