Care is Coming Home!

The increase in the number of people with one or more chronic conditions is expected to severely clash with the anticipated shortage of healthcare professionals in the near future (“Dubbele vergrijzing”). This will further increase the already excessive healthcare costs while threatening healthcare quality. We propose to develop technology that bridges the gap between disease management in hospitals and rehab centres, performed under close supervision by healthcare professionals, and remote patient management in terms of monitoring, training, warning, coaching and assistance at home. This will enable older adults and people with chronic conditions who suffer impaired mobility and associated pain and fatigue to live independently and safely at home longer, with inherent socio-economic benefits. We will combine unobtrusive and non-interactive high-frequency home-based measurements (wearable sensors, camera systems, also registering behavioural patterns like typing speed and facial expression) and lowfrequency health and medical data (SENSE) with new artificial intelligence architecture, modelling and processing tools to generate predictions (THINK) as a basis for personalised synergetic patient interventions (ACT). Here, synergy implies that patients are offered the intervention that fits their lifestyle at the appropriate moment and only when needed (“Passende zorg”), allowing them to take action in their chronic disease management. The overall scientific aim is to identify overarching strategies that are actually embraced and used by patients and older adults, keeping the underlying pathology in mind as well as the home setting. This requires new but also existing medical devices that will benefit from this radical new fitting and that are offered by the participating companies who all have the ambition to contribute to improving patients’ independence and quality of life.