CareTech originated in the beginning of 2022 as a merger of SPRINT and NeuroControl. Both are Centers of Research Excellence of IMDI (Innovative Medical Device Initiative).


The Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) as a strategic Public-Private Partnership has been in existence since 2010. The aim of IMDI ​​is the development and application of medical technology that tackles the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel and guarantees the accessibility of healthcare in one’s own living environment. Medical technology in particular can be expected to make a major contribution in these areas. Specifically, IMDI ​​focuses on two goals:

  • IMDI ​​technology supports and/or replaces the deployment of healthcare personnel:
    • by supporting (self) care by citizens, also in their role as patients, and informal caregivers.
    • by completely or partially replacing care that is currently provided by informal caregivers and/or professionals with IMDI ​​technology.
  • IMDI technology reduces the care demand of people with a chronic condition and the elderly:
    • by preventing an existing condition from leading to complications, limitations or a lower quality of life. This reduces the need for care (secondary prevention).
    • by developing technology that contributes to more effective diagnosis, prognosis and treatment and at the same time facilitates the daily functioning of the individual.

Organization of CareTech

We are shaping up a new organization structure for CareTech that will fit the dynamic network organization we aspire to be. We have representatives from NeuroControl and SPRINT shaping the CareTech organization:

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